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Loneliness & Joy

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Loneliness often creeps in during ordinary moments, like driving home late from a party or spending a rainy day indoors. It may make us feel like this state of loneliness is permanent and that we're not deserving of companionship, leading us to believe that something is wrong with us. However, sometimes these feelings can lead us to pursue unhealthy relationships.

When loneliness strikes, we yearn for someone to talk to, laugh with, bond, and connect with, as we have so much love to give. But it seems like no one sees the love overflowing from within.

To combat loneliness and embrace solitude, creating a space that fosters contentment, I have a few ideas. Reading is a great way to delve into stories—fiction and nonfiction—that resonate with different facets of our personalities, from the goofy to the sensitive.

Journaling helps us discover what brings us peace and comfort, allowing us to practice self-care and appreciate solitude while learning more about ourselves.

In my case, I find joy in the beach, especially during Chicago's summertime. The sand, sun, and water calm my soul, and nature's tranquility offers an unmatched sense of peace. Finding what external pleasures bring internal joy is essential for each individual.

Another approach is to do activities alone that we might typically reserve for shared experiences. Engaging in solo adventures like visiting an arcade, attending pop-up shops, or even taking a weekend vacation alone may feel awkward at first, but with time, it becomes more comfortable and enjoyable.

While some of us might be accustomed to traveling alone for work or spending time alone during certain periods, it's essential to recognize if loneliness has become a default state, even if it's not our preference.

These are just a few options that have helped me turn loneliness into joy, and I hope they encourage and inspire you to do the same.

Lastly, always remember: Love the woman you are becoming! Embrace self-love and growth as you navigate through life's journey.

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