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When You Don’t Have All the Answers

As women, especially if you are a mother or even an entrepreneur we pride ourselves on getting things done and getting problems solved. But what if the stakes are high and we don’t have all the pieces? What if your love alone can’t hold the marriage together? What if you want to start over, to reinvent yourself but you don’t know where to start?

This place is a tough place to be, this place will have you upset at God. It will give you loads of anxiety and make you feel hopeless. Ironically you may end up in this place more than once in your lifetime so it may not feel good but transition never is.

So what does it mean when you don’t have all the answers? Well, it doesn’t mean that you are not a good person or even that you failed. We as women especially black women we put pride in being superwomen doing it all because we have always been called to be strong. The Model mom, wife, friend, citizen, and businesswoman. And as soon as we miss the mark we have told ourselves we have failed and that’s just not true. Not having all the answers means that there is some new ground you must cover.

We need to normalize not having it all together like Frfr!

Now, this new ground you will cover, cover it with grace and gratitude but you must seek direction. Gain knowledge from reading even if you don’t like it. Find news articles, books that is where information is hidden. Also, another great way to seek direction is from mentors to talk to someone who has successfully gotten to the place you are headed and learn from them. Not everything is a competition. If anything you need to be competing with the old version of yourself.

So although you may not have all the answers it is ok, to be honest with yourself, not putting on a front but a plot to cover the new ground to get answers that will help you adjust, grow and settle you in a place of contentment and vibrancy.

You don’t have all the answers girl and neither do I, join the club but we can learn from seeking knowledge, our life experiences and striving to be a better version of ourselves every day!

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