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4 Major Tools That Will Unlock A New Level of Consistency

How often have we heard after the new year sets in comfortably, “its a new year, and a new me!” But so often we set out lofty goals and by June better yet by March our steam has worn out and now we are back going through the motions of life.

We have all been guilty of this and I am the first to admit it. At the beginning of every new year, I’m ready to jump into new hobbies, 5-7 new books are on my list to read for the year, and even savings goals. Some of which I pull off but mostly as life happens 5-7 books turn into 2 for the entire year and saving? That’s the first action item to get benched.

We have good intentions, the desire to be a better you is the first step to the evolution of one’s self but we must set practical, obtainable goals to see it though so it all starts with…….


Yes, consistency. For me Requel Jasmine, consistency is a word that is intimidating and aggressive. It also is a word that mocks me when I look in the mirror. Consistency is what we know will get us the conclusions we except yet it sometimes seems it's impossible to encompass. So the question remains, HOW? How do we stay consistent to complete these goals? How do remain interested and not loose steam?

I was listening to this podcast or Facebook live (I can't remember which one it was) on my way to work and Jamal Miller founder of Miller Media Group made a statement that stuck with me. He said, “We underestimate what we can do in 6 months and we overestimate want we can do in a year.” I was like wow, I was in awe, complete astonishment because never before had I heard that statement. This led to my revelation that I am here to share and help those women who struggle consistency.

Well over the years I've learned that these 4 tools will allow you to stay driven, focused, and complete the goals you set for yourself, your business, and your family.

The 4 Major Tools

1. Spread out all the major goals start dates throughout the year. Don't start them all in January, give yourself time to complete them and you will have a continuous sense of accomplishment. This will be motivation to keep going.

2. Don't be intimidated by the end result. The way you do this is by breaking down each small goal into smaller pieces of the big puzzle. This way you have a guide, a roadmap perhaps to get you to the final destination.

3. Allow room for error. I can't stress this enough. Don't set deadlines that leave little to no room for the trial and error process. Yet don't fall into the cycle of procrastination buy giving yourself too much time to complete tasks that can be completed in a shorter time window. Also, room for error includes room for restructuring, adjust and keep going don't allow minor adjustments to keep frustrated or stagnant.

4. Use positive self-talk to uplift your psyche so you can reaffirm to yourself you can do it. Speak well of who you are to yourself. Remind yourself that you have everything in you to finalize every task you have set before you. Don't let past failures discourage you and don't display defeat no matter how toy may feel. You must encourage yourself to stay consistent.

With the many emotions attached to growth in all seasons of our lives, reveal the HER you will be proud of so you can show the next generation of women that consistency breeds results.

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