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The Unexpected Turn

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

The unexpected took ahold of my soul and set it on fire with PASSION! 💥 When I embarked on my new journey in HR and recruiting, little did I know that the aviation world would sweep me off my feet. Instead of just learning about the typical functions, I delved into the fascinating world of ATP minimums and approach plates, and oh, how my heart danced with joy! 💓

I am now wholly and irreversibly bitten by the Aviation Bug! 🛩️ Each passing day in my role, my excitement grew exponentially, eagerly anticipating interview day. Meeting pilots from all corners of the globe, each brimming with unwavering passion for flying, was a dream come true. Yet, one thing tugged at my heartstrings: the lack of diversity in the field. But that only ignited a blazing determination in me!

I feel compelled, summoned even, to spread the word about the aviation industry's magic, especially among the younger generation. ✨ I want them to embrace this enchanting world and discover the same profound passion that fuels my own career.

Being a Pilot Recruiter is the epitome of ecstasy! The love and collective passion that emanate from this industry are awe-inspiring. With this shared drive, we soar to great heights while staying firmly grounded and forever inspired! 🌟✈️

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