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Faith Moves

Our faith is the very foundation of our belief in Jesus Christ. Our faith is what gives us hope for what seems to be impossible, yet covers our soul with a stillness that gives us peace to know our creator has it all figured out. But as a born again believer, just having faith isn’t enough.

Faith, faith requires action, movement that will adjust our mindset to see past the invisible. When I consider an individual who would be categorized as a pillar in the movement of faith that would be Mary, the mother of Jesus. As we reflect back to the passage in Luke chapter one, Mary made faith moves by seeing past the invisible and honoring the words from the angel Gabriel. Not only did she speak it from her mouth, her heart and her actions were in agreement with her words. She asked one question, just one and from there she believed.

It’s not enough to just say we believe God but we must show it because faith moves will bloom destiny!

Faith moves! Faith moves mean, buying moving boxes to pack because God assures you that the home you prayed for is  already yours. Faith moves means, praying for your future spouse even though you see no potential prospect in sight. When we make faith moves it is a sign that our spirit is in agreement with the word of God, and that had we agree with the word of God which has been declared over our lives. Your steps of faith say to God “Be it unto me, according to thy word!”

(Luke 1:38)

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