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Prayer for Strength

Updated: Mar 23

I cover you today in prayer.

Father, I thank you for this your servant I pray that you continue to bless them through their obedience and strengthen them where they are weary and weak. Continue to bless the work of their hands father, I come against any foul spirit, the spirit of the leech the spirit of the canker worm, and every contentious spirit that will try to come and destroy what you have placed on the inside of them.

The strength of God shall be their portion and peace in the name of the Lord. I declare increase, I declare supernatural favor, I declare abundance, I declare financial miracles on the behalf of your child. Father, your servant I pray that your love will cover the areas where they are weak. I pray that your strength will lift them up in times of despair.

I admonish you and give you glory honor and praise for what you’re getting ready to do. We declare the works of God to be marvelous, we declare your hand to be consistent never failing and the heart of the people of God shall forever be subject to your will.

In Jesus name, Amen!


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