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Being A Mother Means

Being a mother means sometimes placing your dreams on hold to fuel the dreams and passions of your seed.

Being a mother means giving all of you in hopes of one day your children will become the best they can be.

Being a mother means using tools left behind by our ancestors to cultivate our young kings and queens. So that one day all of the overtime worked, late nights, stretch marks, penny-pinching, and stress will all be worth it.

Being a mother means not giving up on who you are.

As you grow allow that growth to water wisdom on your children.

Allow your growth from womanhood to teach you that although you will make mistakes being a mother means feeding your soul so you will be empowered, equipped, and stable to feed the hearts of your children.

Being a mother means embracing the role of motherhood which will change over time but never neglecting the woman you are.

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