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Lost at Sea

My prayer for every woman lost at sea.

When you are lost at sea because of the storm; time passes and the winds and waves won’t let up but it is still your duty even without ammunition to find you.

Find you no matter the cost because your future depends on it.

Find you even when darkness of the past over shadows the present and you can’t see your way out.

Find you even if you believe that you have uncovered every stone and climbed every mountain. Because you still have more to discover.

Find you though all of the confusion, rejection, pain and despair.

The winds they will rage and be bitter as it passes across your skin. The water will roar loud as a lion in the Congo but you can’t holt the search.

Find you because the new evolved you is waiting, the confident you is waiting, the self assured, God fearing, no nonsense, beautiful you is waiting.

Finding you may feel like a stroll on the beach one day and a tsunami the next but find you no matter the cost because your life, your future depends on it because we are on the voyage to discover her, the new you and she is waiting on you to get there.

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