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Voyage To Her

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

The Journey of Womanhood

As a female, we are introduced to what it means to be a woman in the early stages of our lives. We are taught how to care for children from playing with dolls, cooking even from our kitchen sets, and fake tea parties. But as we evolve family, media, pop culture all have shaped how we view womanhood from a female perspective.

As we grow older and we navigate through childhood, adolescence, teenage years into young adulthood it’s apparent that we have fallen into stereotypes. Our minds have been molded and how we view the world has all been shaped by our daily surroundings and we weren’t even aware of it at all.

Then one day a light bulb turns on and we realize that we don’t even know who we are. We are unsure of our God-given purpose because we have become aware that we have not taken into account that the assumptions of this journey were all lies and now we must start from scratch. But wait… I’m 25, 35, even 45.

We all remember the day when it just clicked “who I have become is not the woman I dreamed of being” So now what!

The Voyage to Her is all about the voyage, the quest of becoming HER. You haven’t met her but she is waiting on you to arrive. Now this is not so your parents can smile, or to impress your high school classmates not even to honor your love ones you have lost but so you will be, the her, YOU will be proud of!

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