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From the Tomb to the Throne: Reflecting on Resurrection and Redemption

Reflection of Luke Chapter 24

In Luke 24, it begins with Mary, the mother of James, Mary Magdalene, and Joanna going to prepare Jesus' body at the tomb. However, upon their arrival, Jesus' body was gone, and they were met by two men in dazzling robes (angels) who declared that Jesus had risen. This encounter prompts the question: How many of us are searching in the tomb for what God has already resurrected? How many of us are stuck in old customs, carrying out tasks we think are necessary (as these women were), unaware that a new era has dawned?

We must heed God's word, just as the angels instructed the women. What has God revealed to us in his word about our lives, our faith, and our future? (Luke 24:6-8)

The remainder of Chapter 24 is the time when Jesus reveals himself as risen to his disciples, as the risen savior! Glory! Then he instructs them to wait, as he will send the Holy Spirit. (Luke 24:46-50)

What a beautiful love story, from the cross where he bore the sins of the world, even for those who would reject him, to his ascent from a hill called Calvary to the right hand of the Father. He was our slain lamb and now our King of all kings, Yeshua!!! Here in the states, we call him Jesus.

The gospel is this: the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ! This is the foundation of our faith and the core of what we believe.

I taught my daughter as a toddler, "Jesus died that we may live!"

He was born in a manger and died on a tree, but now he lives inside of you and me!

What a beautiful love story.

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