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Untold Stories

Updated: Jul 12

The untold stories that keep us stuck and hinder our inner strength from reaching its fullest potential must be told.

We must tell of the lies that brought us tears but grew our faith and our soul.

We must tell of the worries that keep us up at night yet is the same force that drives us to grind and drives us to fight.

The negative thoughts that rise up in our minds we must tell of those stories, the stories we tell will bring breakthrough for another, will bring strength to another, tell the untold stories.

Speak of those moments and memories that transmitted you pain. Speak of those moments and memories that provoked you joy. Speak of those untold stories and it will permanently cleanse your heart and your mind which gives you strength for the next story and God will get the glory.

No need to feel ashamed or misunderstood because untold stories will keep the mind in the state of I could or I would.

So tell your untold story.

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