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Take That “L” Sis!

See the Small Victories Through The “L” of Life

Like many of you, some of what I have pursued with tunnel vision didn’t produce the results I expected. From failed attempts at businesses and relationships in my case a fail marriage.

The losses in life can push you to a place of despair. I know I was, I didn’t really see the point of trying anymore and I was upset at God for not redeeming my marriage.

This “L” was for the books. I wanted to crawl under a mountain forever. I didn’t realize that all the pain all the tears was apart of the healing process. My first step was to accept that it was over, my fairytale was canceled and my high school sweetheart was now my enemy. That day didn’t happen until after I went to court for the last time. My daughter would have to be shared between the two of us. I would have to accept the family I knew she deserved would be modified from now on. I had to accept that my ex-husband desires for marriage was completely different than mine which showed me that we shouldn't have walked down the aisle.

After much prayer and purging thought tears I might add I was at peace because I was able to talk to loved ones to sort out my feelings and this helped reallocate my mind.

I can make it without him

I have identity even though I am no longer a wife

My daughter will not be broken because her parents are divorced

I can make it without him

I won’t fail at my next marriage

I said this until I believed it. I had to believe that through failures, disappointments, and lots of tears their is freedom in accepting what was and what can be through Gods design and not one of my own.

So sis accepts those losses, and all the pain, rejection, and disappointment that comes along with it so you can walk in a level of freedom that you could only dream of.

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